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Your pass to a pilot's career

Unprecedented, No Boundaries

At NextStep, we're pioneering a new model for building flight experience. Instead of predetermined packages, we hand you the keys to a state-of-the-art, safe, and fully-equipped aircraft you can fly whenever you want, with no need for reservations. This approach is groundbreaking in the aircraft rental industry.

Feel like an aircraft owner

With NextStep, we're reshaping the traditional way of accruing flight experience. By providing you with an aircraft, we're not only entrusting you with the captain's role - we're giving you the sensation of owning your own aircraft. You can take to the skies and land whenever you wish, with absolute freedom in choosing your destinations. No need for reservations, no waiting. It's like having your own wings, ready to fly at your command. Relish the full comfort and independence that comes with being an aircraft owner, while simultaneously logging flight hours and experience needed to obtain a CPL license. Is there a better way to gain real aviation experience?
This isn't just training - it's your adventure, your rules, your sky.

Travel, Learn, and Save

Fancy exploring Europe while logging CPL flight time? With NextStep, it's possible. We offer the opportunity to traverse Europe while gaining valuable aviation experience, for just 99 EUR per hour. 99 EUR za godzinę.

Don't let the weather hold you back

With NextStep, you're no longer at the mercy of unpredictable weather. If the skies are looking grey, don't fret. Feel free to take your aircraft south where the sun is almost always shining. Our model allows you the freedom to chase the sunshine across Europe, ensuring your flight plans are never interrupted. No more waiting for a break in the weather; instead, take control of your schedule and soar above the clouds into clear skies, whenever you choose.

Obtain your CPL in Express Time

Time is money, and we understand how much you value both. That's why we offer you the chance to swiftly accumulate the required flight hours, at the most competitive price on the market, enabling you to reach your goal and kick-start your airline pilot career as swiftly as possible.

Hour-Building Package

  • Full freedom and flexibility of flights

  • The sensation of owning your own aircraft
  • Logging experience while travelling
  • Rapid accumulation of CPL hours
  • Saving money with our attractive pricing
starting from99 €/hour
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