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Modern Aircraft for Your Aerial Adventure

At NextStep, we ensure

our clients have access to the most advanced aircraft that meet all the requirements necessary for building flight hours. Our fleet consists of exceptional aircraft that guarantee comfort, efficiency, and safety during flights. An additional advantage of our aircraft is the presence of a ballistic rescue parachute, providing an even greater sense of safety during the flight.

Modern Aircraft for Your Aerial Adventure

Pipistrel Virus SW121

Our flagship aircraft is the Pipistrel Virus SW121, perfectly suited for both recreational flights and pilots building experience. The Virus SW121 is characterized by high performance, low fuel consumption, modern glass avionics, and a ballistic rescue parachute. Thanks to its features, this aircraft is an excellent tool for developing piloting skills.

Bristell B23 COMING SOON

Soon, the Bristell B23 will join our fleet, an exceptional aircraft with touchscreen Garmin avionics and a ballistic rescue parachute. The B23 is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality, offering both beginner and experienced pilots unforgettable flying experiences.
Its modern technological solutions make the Bristell B23 an excellent choice for those seeking the highest quality equipment.

All our aircraft are certified and meet the highest safety standards.
Our team of specialists regularly conducts inspections and maintains the machines in perfect technical condition, allowing you to enjoy flying without any obstacles.

Join NextStep and benefit from our modern fleet, developing your skills and fulfilling your dreams of flying.
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