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NextStep Pilot Club

An Innovative Subscription-based Flying Model for PPL(A) Holders

Benefits of membership in the NextStep Pilot Club

Innovative subscription model

Access to a fleet of aircraft on a monthly subscription basis, eliminating the need to invest in purchasing your own machine.

Guaranteed aircraft availability

With a limited number of membership slots, you can be sure that the aircraft will be available whenever you want to use it.

No maintenance burdens

With our model, you don't have to worry about inspections, insurance, or other costs associated with owning an aircraft. Focus solely on the pleasure of flying!


Book the aircraft at a convenient time for yourself using the reservation system. Flying according to your own needs has never been so easy!

How to join the Pilot Club in 3 simple steps?

  • Register on our website and pay the membership fee.
  • Take an introductory flight with an accompanying pilot to check the aircraft's capabilities.
  • Book airplanes at a convenient time for you using the reservation system.

Do you have a PPL(A) license,

but your flying adventure ended with the training?

Modern Aircraft for Your Aerial Adventure

Membership in the NextStep Pilot Club is for you!

We introduce a revolutionary approach to flying, offering the possibility of using airplanes on a subscription basis. With this innovative model, aviation enthusiasts can enjoy the freedom of flying without the costs and worries associated with owning their own aircraft.

Modern Aircraft for Your Aerial Adventure

Membership costs

Monthly membership fee


Rental cost per hour for club members

June promotion: 100€ / hour

Leave us your phone number or email - we'll get in touch

    Join the NextStep Pilot Club and see how our innovative subscription model gives you unparalleled benefits and freedom of flying, continuing your flying adventure after completing your PPL(A) training!
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